Render with the Gimp

See that old man on the right, thats me rendered from a photo with the Gimp. Here is how I did it.

First open up a picture in the Gimp, most pictures are in .jpg format. Adjust the percentage to 400 or whatever looks BIG.

You want to create and edit paths with the path tool. What you do is just click along the edge to cut out your head. Just like connecting the dots. If one of the dots is off where you want it you can drag it to where you want it.

You can use the keyboard shortcuts but I just use the menu on the top of the image.

Linux Reality

If your new to Linux or an old pro the link at the top to LinuxReality has some great podcasts. There are over 82 at this time. Check it out.

Crazy about Linux...

Hi everyone, I really am crazy about Linux. I have been using it since 2002 and just can't get enough. My day job is a Golf Course Superintendent in South Florida USA. I repair Laptops for fun and not much profit. I have a Web/Print/File server running out of my house that was getting alot of hits so I moved it here.

Hope you enjoy the site.

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